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      A full history of motorcycles in New Orleans!  The orrigional movers and shakers of the New Orleans Motorcycle crowed!  With a rememberance of the people and the Bikes that were truly New Orleans!  Be a part of remembering and documenting where you fit in, where were you when! Who was who then and to present. Follow us to present day.  We will go over our dealership and its humble begginings on the streets of New Orleans.  Also, each of the other brands and from where they came.  Remembering those brands that were a  big part of history and what happened and why they are no longer. Be a part of the past, even if your mark will be made in the future!

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  Year:   Mfr:   Type:   
 Sport - DS

DS 250®
MSRP $4,049.00*
DS 450™
MSRP $7,799.00*
DS 450™ X® mx
MSRP $9,699.00*
DS 450™ X® xc
MSRP $8,999.00*

DS 70™
MSRP $2,199.00*
DS 90™
MSRP $2,699.00*
DS 90™ X®
MSRP $3,599.00*
 Utility - Outlander™

Outlanderô 400
MSRP $6,799.00*
Outlanderô 500
MSRP $7,799.00*
Outlanderô 650
MSRP $8,699.00*
Outlanderô 800R
MSRP $9,549.00*

Outlanderô DPS™ 1000
MSRP $11,499.00*
Outlanderô DPS™ 500
MSRP $8,699.00*
Outlanderô DPS™ 650
MSRP $9,599.00*
Outlanderô DPS™ 800R
MSRP $10,449.00*

Outlanderô X® mr 1000
MSRP $14,399.00*
Outlanderô X® mr 650
MSRP $10,399.00*
Outlanderô XT™ 1000
MSRP $12,099.00*
Outlanderô XT™ 400
MSRP $7,849.00*

Outlanderô XT™ 500
MSRP $9,299.00*
Outlanderô XT™ 650
MSRP $10,199.00*
Outlanderô XT™ 800R
MSRP $11,049.00*
Outlanderô XT-P 1000
MSRP $14,099.00*

Outlanderô XT-P 800R
MSRP $13,049.00*
 Utility - Outlander™ MAX

Outlanderô MAX 400
MSRP $7,649.00*
Outlanderô MAX 500
MSRP $8,799.00*
Outlanderô MAX 650
MSRP $9,699.00*
Outlanderô MAX DPS™ 1000
MSRP $12,499.00*

Outlanderô MAX DPS™ 500
MSRP $9,699.00*
Outlanderô MAX DPS™ 650
MSRP $10,599.00*
Outlanderô MAX DPS™ 800R
MSRP $11,449.00*
Outlanderô MAX Limited 1000
MSRP $15,099.00*

Outlanderô MAX XT™ 400
MSRP $8,699.00*
Outlanderô MAX XT™ 1000
MSRP $13,099.00*
Outlanderô MAX XT™ 500
MSRP $10,299.00*
Outlanderô MAX XT™ 650
MSRP $11,199.00*

Outlanderô MAX XT™ 800R
MSRP $12,049.00*
Outlanderô MAX XT-P 1000
MSRP $15,099.00*
Outlanderô MAX XT-P 800R
MSRP $14,049.00*
 Sport - Renegade

Renegade® 1000
MSRP $11,049.00*
Renegade® 500
MSRP $8,149.00*
Renegade® 800R
MSRP $9,999.00*
Renegade® X® xc 1000
MSRP $13,549.00*

Renegade® X® xc 800R
MSRP $12,499.00*
 General Use - Side-By-Side

Commander™ 1000
MSRP $13,099.00*
Commander™ 800R
MSRP $11,799.00*
Commander™ DPS™ 1000
MSRP $14,199.00*
Commander™ DPS™ 800R
MSRP $12,899.00*

Commander™ E
MSRP $15,999.00*
Commander™ E LSV
MSRP $17,999.00*
Commander™ E LSV SE
MSRP $19,299.00*
Commander™ E XT
MSRP $17,999.00*

Commander™ Limited 1000
MSRP $20,299.00*
Commander™ Max DPS™ 1000
MSRP $16,199.00*
Commander™ Max XT™ 1000
MSRP $17,799.00*
Commander™ XT™ 1000
MSRP $15,799.00*

Commander™ XT™ 800R
MSRP $14,499.00*
Commander™ XT-P 1000
MSRP $17,299.00*
Maverick™ 1000R
MSRP $16,299.00*
Maverick™ Max 1000R
MSRP $18,299.00*

Maverick™ Max X® rs DPS™ 1000R
MSRP $20,799.00*
Maverick™ X® mr 1000R
MSRP $21,499.00*
Maverick™ X® rs 1000R
MSRP $17,799.00*
Maverick™ X® rs DPS™ 1000R
MSRP $18,799.00*

Maverick™ X® xc DPS™ 1000R
MSRP $18,299.00*
 Sport - Spyder® RS Roadster

Spyder® RS SE5
MSRP $16,399.00*
Spyder® RS SM5
MSRP $14,899.00*
Spyder® RS-S SE5
MSRP $19,599.00*
Spyder® RS-S SM5
MSRP $18,099.00*
 Touring - Spyder® RT Roadster

Spyder® RT Limited
MSRP $30,499.00*
Spyder® RT SE6
MSRP $24,499.00*
Spyder® RT SM6
MSRP $22,999.00*
Spyder® RT-S SE6
MSRP $28,049.00*

Spyder® RT-S SM6
MSRP $26,449.00*
 Sport Touring - Spyder® ST Roadster

Spyder® ST Limited
MSRP $24,849.00*
Spyder® ST SE5
MSRP $20,499.00*
Spyder® ST SM5
MSRP $18,999.00*
Spyder® ST-S SE5
MSRP $22,049.00*

Spyder® ST-S SM5
MSRP $20,349.00*
*Price, if shown, is Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) and does not include government fees, taxes, dealer vehicle freight/preparation, dealer document preparation charges or any finance charges (if applicable). MSRP and/or final actual sales price will vary depending on options or accessories selected.


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